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What is holistic personal training?

I see you. Not just your physical shell, but what connects you to yourself.
Did you know?
Our physical bodies are what shows the true reality of what is going on within your body from not just a physical perspective but a chemical / nutritional and emotional perspective to.
In fact, Somatics which relates the physical to your emotional for example: If your feet when standing naturally are not pointing forward not only suggest a muscular biomechanical imbalance, it also suggests that you perhaps are lacking direction in your life.
Your knees are all to do with how you balance things in your life, so excess wear and tear, or pain at certain points could indicate a lack of balance in your life perhaps between moments of joy and nurture, and doing things you feel you “have to” do.
Imbalances in strength between the left thigh and right can indicate a lack of motivation if your right quad is weaker than your left which is your intention in life.
Our bodies are simply fascinating, they are the key to unlocking the truth in you, but in life itself, for when we are truly connected to ourselves all becomes clear.
Knowledge is your greatest power, and my greatest gift to share with you. To empower you.
Training for health means we focus more on your mental, and physical health and well-being and make the aesthetics (although understandably important to people), secondary.
I am trained in nutrition and supplementation, hormone profiling which is all about why you store fat in certain parts of the body for instance:
Excess fat in the tummy could mean elevated cortisol levels (the stress hormone)
Excess love handles can mean too many simple sugars in a diet, or insulin resistance (I am not a Dr so in no way am I suggesting you have diabetes)
Back fat could indicate you are overconsuming carbohydrates. Fat on thighs may indicate high oestrogen levels.

What I offer:

  • Free consultation to discuss your specific needs.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp photo food diary
  • Nutritional support and 24/7 accountability
  • 1-to-1 online sessions or in-person training at a facility of your choice or my home within my local area of Fakenham. This can mean outdoor training, or coming to your home, or gym to train you (your gym will need to be notified by you and costs or guest passes factor into the costs)
  • Support that teaches you the knowledge to look after your body for life
  • A price plan that fits your budget. Depending on what you can afford I can work out the best plan for you
  • All participants of any movement activity need to complete a PAR-Q form prior to attending a class.

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