How Kundalini Yoga Can Manifest All Your Desires into Existence…We breath to believe!

So much more than a stretch class and here’s why!

A brief story of when I was once sitting, contemplating the essence of Kundalini Yoga, and automatically associating it with Tantra, questioning if it was some form of ‘sex yoga.’ To clarify, it’s not about that, but rather, it delves into how manifesting your intention can profoundly impact your life.

Consider this: the very nature of our existence in this body is intricately tied to the breath. What we breathe in becomes our belief, shaping our reality. Our lives are dictated by belief systems, the thought processes of our head brain – the judgmental, yes-no, right-wrong, good-bad linear brain in Kundalini Yoga terms. Life is born of our beliefs, influenced by those around us. So, how does Kundalini Yoga work? What is it, and why can it have such a profound influence not just on your life but on all lives around you?

For history enthusiasts, Kundalini Yoga’s roots trace back to ancient stoic wisdom, a timeless truth that empowers from within. In 2024 (2+0+2+4 =8), symbolised by the infinity sign, we stand on the brink of unveiling the knowledge and potential we possess as beings of light.

The name ‘Human’ itself signifies ‘light in projection,’ and in this pivotal moment, our untapped capabilities await activation and inspiration. The asana section explores the transformative power of postures, breathwork’s profound impact, the significance of mudras (biometrics), and the incredible power of your voice – a tool that can heal every cell in your body. Regardless of ailments or disabilities, you are exquisite, holding the potential to be a beacon that inspires others to ignite their inner light.

Intuition isn’t accessible to the mystics it’s available to us all, it’s just a matter of relearning what we once forgot.

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