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Nurturing the Mind: How Yoga Could Help Older Women Ward Off Alzheimer’s

I’m overjoyed to share some heartwarming news that reaffirms the incredible power of Kundalini yoga, a practice that has touched our lives with its transformative embrace. A recent study conducted by UCLA Health has delved into the profound impact of Kundalini yoga on the mind, particularly in areas affected by stress and linked to memory decline.



In our sacred space of Kundalini yoga, where breath becomes a melody and movement a dance, the study discovered a beautiful connection between our practice and enhanced brain activity. This revelation holds special significance for our community, especially for those in their golden years, navigating the delicate dance of memory concerns and the risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease.


The scientists at UCLA, equipped with advanced MRI technology, embarked on a journey to explore the effects of Kundalini yoga on the brain. What they found was truly enchanting – a surge in connectivity in areas vulnerable to stress and associated with memory decline. It’s as if our practice, with its focus on breath control, mantra recitation, and mental visualization, created a soothing balm for the hippocampus, the keeper of our cherished memories.


Dr. Helen Lavretsky, the guiding force behind this study, shared that Kundalini yoga seems to have a special knack for touching the stress-related aspects of hippocampal connectivity. It’s like our practice, with its nurturing embrace, has a unique ability to cradle the hippocampus in a loving cocoon, supporting better memory reliability.


In comparing Kundalini yoga with Memory Enhancement Training (MET), the study hints at something profound. While MET excels in certain aspects, Kundalini yoga, with its holistic approach, offers a more nuanced and tender support system. It’s not just about memory; it’s about creating a sanctuary for the mind, a place where stress unwinds, and memories are held with gentle care.



As a Kundalini yoga teacher, this study warms my heart and reaffirms what we have known all along – our practice is a treasure trove of healing, not just for the body but for the mind. As we gather on our mats, let’s remember the magic that unfolds with each breath, each movement, and each chant. It’s a cosmic dance that touches the very fabric of our being, and now science stands beside us, acknowledging the profound impact of this sacred practice.


Let’s continue to journey together, weaving the tapestry of Kundalini yoga into the hearts and minds of those seeking solace and healing. Our practice is a beacon of light, a warm embrace, and a gentle reminder that, in the sanctuary of breath and movement, we find not just physical well-being but a profound connection to the nurturing essence of our own existence.


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