Health is the journey to self

Do you struggle with addictions, whether that be food addictions, toxic relationships, food addictions, sexual addiction, alcohol or substance abuse? 

Are you fed up with the same old cycles, or just feel stuck with no real purpose in life?

Hello! I’m Maria, and I invite you to explore my website and my approach to not only achieving a healthy body and mind through a holistic approach which means a whole perspective, but also gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

Addictions, discomfort, dis-ease in your body, and pain all stem from a profound understanding of reconnecting with your true self. When we feel disconnected to the self, we can feel lost, alone, lacking purpose in our existence. I specialise in bringing people back to the nature of their true self. Our Human (hu comes from meaning light, man comes from the meaning projection) potential.

Many individuals grapple with a sense of purpose, attempting to fill the void or distract themselves from feelings. However, embracing emotions is vital for self-understanding and connection. These feelings act as guides on our life journey, indicating what is right or wrong for us, allowing us to be the true detectives in our lives.

I can support you in you journey to finding your true potential and purpose in this life.

Our life purpose is truly wonderfully simple yet unique, there is no mystery.  Your purpose like mine also and every one in living existence is to be our unique and wonderful selves. You can, and will never ever be anyone else. When we align with our true selves, our natural creativity and wonderment for life flourishes, allowing us to naturally leave our own distinct imprint on this life.

"What we do in this life echoes for an eternity”

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My success has been a blessing, which stems from following my heart in this journey. I  believe in the power of the three brains, a concept rooted in hard science.

The gut brain, responsible for that “gut feeling,” discerns what is right or wrong. The heart brain operates on divine timing, emphasising the balance between giving and receiving.

The head brain, a remarkable analytical machine, when aligned with the other gut and heart brain, possesses the ability to intuitively know without needing a logical explanation—the essence of true intuition which we are all born with.

This knowing has led me to train with incredible individuals of all ages, cultures, and conditions. I’ve been involved in diverse roles, from supporting the rehabilitation of coma patients to collaborating with leading osteopathic clinics through a referral system in London and Herts.

I’ve also worked with renowned film directors on movie sets, choreographed and presented DVDs, contributed to fitness publications, and had the privilege of being interviewed on radio.

My Philosophy

With over 20 years immersed in various forms of energy medicine, I’ve supported as a Holistic Personal Trainer, a Nutritionist specialising in sups and Phytobiophysics, a Kinesiologist, and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I firmly believe that every path leads to the vast ocean of life, irrespective of the avenue that draws you to me. We discover what we seek in the reflection we cast upon each other.

Those seeking a change in their life that will resonate within you for life find me. I refrain from offering short-term fixes that lack lasting impact. Instead, I guide you on a path that aligns with the essence of living—a way that endures the tests of time, and connects you to the true potential of you, as a wonderful unique Hu Man.

You are the answer in this life…

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As I write this … a testimonial of heart felt love and joy at having the opportunity to meet with you via Uplifted Kundalini Teacher Training. Your support in the tuition has been more than 100%… explanations and demonstrations supported every question asked - be they postural, language, literature and technology 😉 But most of all the radiance of love, excitement and passion for life radiates from you. I truly feel the universe placed me under your loving wings as I and many others have learned to spread our own wings. You are an inspiration to me and I am truly grateful. With love


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Maria, a highly skilled and dedicated personal trainer who has been an invaluable asset to our team at Perfect Balance Clinic. Maria's unwavering commitment to the well-being and fitness goals of our clients has truly set her apart. Her expertise in designing personalised workout routines tailored to individual needs has consistently yielded remarkable results. Maria's profound knowledge of fitness, and overall wellness has been instrumental in transforming the lives of numerous clients under her guidance. Beyond her technical skills, Maria possesses an exceptional ability to connect with people. Her approach is characterised by empathy, encouragement, and a genuine passion for helping others achieve their fitness aspirations. Maria's positive and motivating presence in the gym has created a supportive environment where clients feel empowered to push their limits and surpass their fitness goals. In summary, Maria is a consummate professional and an outstanding personal trainer. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her ability to forge meaningful connections with clients, has left an indelible mark on Perfect Balance Clinic. We are truly grateful for her contributions, and we wholeheartedly recommend Maria to anyone seeking a personal trainer dedicated to achieving optimal results in a supportive and encouraging manner.

Stephen Makinde

Maria is a great communicator, her teaching is always clear and super easy to follow. She provides a very nurturing experience for all who learn and interact with her and she’s seems to intuitively know what each individual needs and adapts her teaching to help you get the most out of her classes. I love the combination of movement, positive thought, breath and mantra that Maria’s classes provide that leave you smiling Inside and out.

Carrie Mitchell

I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Maria for just over a month and I have learnt so much from her. She teaches in a very gentle and kind way, very clear and concise and it is always fun, with laughter aplenty. I am currently partaking in Kundalini yoga 1-2-1 with her and they are well worth the investment in myself, I am feeling more centered, more connected and also more flexible, at 42 this is so valuable and it has had a knock on effect with my gym training as well as my personal and professional life. Her after care is second to none and any questions or queries I have, she is only a message away, she also uploads the sessions we've had, so I can carry on my practice in my own time. I thoroughly recommend Maria to everyone I know and also to the person reading this. You won't regret it

Paul Conquest Operation Team Leader for GKN Aerospace

I been training with Maria for over 5 years now and she is an awesome personal trainer, yoga expert and kinesiology practitioner. We have several sessions per week, usually online and she always runs well thought through and planned sessions. We do a mix of PT to build strength and yoga to support flexibility. Her instructions are very clear and she does the workout with me which creates a feeling of camaraderie and support. She is motivational, always enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour! I feel confident in her expertise and knowledge as a trainer. Her huge depth of experience means she can stretch me without causing injury. She demonstrates things and quickly corrects my inevitable mistakes. She is always cheerful so the sessions go quickly and has an inner kindness that goes way beyond the session providing materials and coaching to help with food, stretching or exercise plans to do in between sessions. I would highly recommend her as an all round practitioner for anyone looking to get in shape or to ease aches and pains. I have had really great results, helping me stay pain free

Andrew Kirby

Maria has a level of serenity, calmness and insight that makes her stand out as your partner in your journey to wellness. The brightness, energy Maria has will help you fulfil your ambitions to the max

Roger Phillips Senior Partner MTGE

I met Maria at one of my lowest points in life. She was not only an amazing personal trainer she allowed me to connect to myself again. Maria took the time to get to know me, she listened and heard me like no one else. With various health issues I didn't know if I could train. But Maria took time to create a personal program for me. While weight loss wasn't the goal I shifted so much weight I was carrying, both physically and mentally. Now training in Kundalini Yoga with Maria has further grounded me. She is an angel. I believe her purpose is to allow others to find theirs.

Vanita Sharma Pereira

I’ve been having sessions with Maria for about a year, we call every other week. Maria is a great teacher and a supportive figure. She helps me learn how to cope with my emotions and she normalises these feelings. Maria has helped me grow massively since last year. I used to suffer from anxiety but now I’m much stronger and have a much better outlook on life. Maria is a positive influence and has a lot of useful techniques to share. I definitely recommend talking to Maria and learning from her. She will support you.

Lucia Teen 1-to-1 Coaching

I had a kundalini yoga session with Maria It felt amazing and I felt lighter afterwards It’s really helped with mental clarity My daughter is also having sessions of meditation and journaling to help with anxiety and it’s helping her too Thank you !! I’m so glad I reached out x

Rachel Allen Nanny

I started training with Maria to loose some weight and to also help with my back problems. Maria found I have a saco iliac disfunction “very tight hips” my strength & fitness improved so much in a short space of time using the EMS machine. I felt cured... more energetic & looked better. Maria’s tips on nutrition is outstanding she would send me texts of what I should & shouldn’t be eating too. Maria always goes that extra mile to help, she always did my measurements & stretches me out at the end of each session. I very much appreciate the help & advice in recommending me to an osteopath. I have become stronger, leaner & have much better posture. Maria is fun, caring committed & inspired myself to do a personal training course. I would 100% recommend Maria to train you & change your life

Emma Demianyk

I met Maria in March 2016, 17 months after the birth of my daughter Amelia. My husband who is a Physiotherapist recommended her as he knew I was keen to work with a female trainer who had had children (and maybe understood the challenges I was facing!) Following an informal chat over coffee (well Maria had a water) at my home, I quickly decided that I liked the idea of Maria’s holistic approach and we got to work immediately. My personal goal was to lose some weight, get trimmer and get stronger. I kept a 24hr a day food diary which involved me sending Maria pics of everything I ate and drank – I found this particularly affective as a way of self- managing my food intake but it also allowed Maria to see what I wasn’t eating/drinking. Every Thursday morning I had a PT session which started with calculating my body fat. This was a game changer for me! Instead of getting hooked up on losing weight (which I have fixated on since my teenage years) my focus was reducing my body fat. Maria developed a training programme for me which incorporated weight lifting. This introduced me to the concept of building muscle not in terms of getting bulky but re-shaping my body. And over a period of 12 weeks I saw a remarkable change in body shape; shoulders and arms more defined, thighs more toned and bottom perkier! I have found Maria to be incredibly supportive, motivating and always honest. In a nutshell Maria has completely changed my approach to exercise and nutrition. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness and lifestyle.

Gemma Richardson

I trained with Maria for at least half a year and absolutely loved it! There were a number of reasons for this: • Maria uses a holistic approach to wellness. Maria didn't just look at excercise, but she carefully examines your diet. Moreover, she doesn't have a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to diet and excercise schedules, but she makes sure to tailor things to your body type and also explains the "why" behind every training/diet decision made, which greatly helps with motivation and understanding. Over and beyond her great expertise in the diet/exercise field, Maria is trained in numerous holistic wellbeing practices which are a magnificent addition to tackle any stubborn or difficult issues. • Maria is an incredibly friendly and positive person and it was always a lot of fun training with her. That said, even though we became friends over time, Maria always stayed professional and made sure I pushed myself hard during sessions. • Whenever I had an injury or struggled with something, Maria would work around these issues and tailored my training program to what my body could output at a given time. • Maria is extremely supportive and genuinely cares about her clients achieving their goals. Maria always supported me through hard times, and I could see that she genuinely cared about me as a human being, making training a lot more fun and really inspiring me to work hard. • Maria is a fantastic role model and practices what she preaches! 🙂 I can without a doubt recommend Maria as a health and fitness specialist and wish that she was still in South Africa so that I can continue training with her

Sanja Lutzeyer

I've been working with Maria for 5 months and have seen unbelievable results during that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Maria is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form and technique with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Maria will lead you every step of the way.

Louie Rushmore

I am 62 years old. I had a back operation 5 years ago. I have been living on anti-inflammatories and fisio therapy ever since because of my back causing spasms, stiffness and pain. After joining Maria’s classes everything changed. I have not been for fisio and hardly ever take anti-inflammatories. Maria taught me the importance of exercise. The way of eating she prescribes is healthy and easy to follow. After detoxing you have amazing energy. Maria believes in and has a passion for her work. Her knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile and then some is to be commended. I can recommend Maria to young and old – you can only benefit from her knowledge, her sincere interest in your specific needs and her lovely personality.

Estelle Roos

I wish to thank you for your sharing your knowledge, encouraging, belief, positivity and down to earth attitude in helping me reach a point I didn't believe possible. I originally asked for your help to reach further weight loss as I had been visiting the gym regularly and reached a plateau. Upon contacting you and you asking what I wished to achieve you mentioned more expertise advice that you could provide me, not just weight loss, but to achieve high fitness and health levels, all of which you knew were possible. I have to admit I was slightly narrow minded in your ability and quickly learned of your experience and your knowledge after our very first session. You diagnosed my back issues, understood my sciatica issues. You had empathy in my hip tightness, and understood my strengths and weaknesses very quickly, all in the first session. You noted quickly, when we met in subsequent sessions if I hadn't undertaken my "homework" exercises! Your help with reeducation me about food and the misrepresentation of food in the media has been an eye opener and how I now, never felt like I have missed out or deprived with food. I still enjoy eating out and alcohol but make small adjustments and better choices. I have never felt this good about myself for many years and have the confidence that this will continue and my new habits will continue. My sessions with you will also continue as this is not an end, but a continuous education in becoming the best me I can be with the tools and information I have. Thank you Maria for sharing your knowledge, positive attitude, ability to relate to us who are in need of improvement, but unable to know where to start, to make the first small step.

Emma Austin

Maria is the best personal trainer I've ever had, having used various others in the past she is the only one I saw results with. Maria's knowledge is mind blowing, whatever she tells you to do listen and you will achieve exactly what you want. She's a lovely person and makes you feel so comfortable. Would honestly never use another trainer.

Kayleigh Louise Parish

I have known and worked with Maria for a number of years. She has an incredible aptitude to health and is armed with evidence based advice and tips to support peoples health goals. A professional and holistic approach to health that will support your habits and fulfil your goals in a healthy way. Absolutely recommended!


If you judge the effectiveness of someone's service on how it appears to work for themself she has to be the best!

Dr Phil Green

Maria is a brilliant personal trainer and really supportive of your goals, I would totally recommend her to give you the kick up the butt you need

Claire Loten

Initially, before starting with Maria, I was a little dubious about how much difference anyone could make to me especially being pretty unfit and a fan of food. My Wife had been training with Maria for a few months and was getting on really well so I thought I’d give it a go. It was a steep curve initially and hard work, but very quickly I noticed my overall fitness improving week on week. The most noticeable improvement was to my stamina and fitness while Playing Roller hockey. This involves a lot of stop/start sprinting and suddenly I wasn’t struggling to sprint and could play much longer without getting fatigued. With Maria’s help, advice and daily food diary emails both my wife and I started eating much healthier along with the fitness training. This is when I noticed the weight start to shed and noticed the effect of the training more. Maria has a great wealth of knowledge ranging from fitness to food & nutrition and much more. Maria is very professional and always seems interested in getting the best out of the training for you, focusing on technique to help make the training as effective as possible. The training is always hard work, but I look forward to each session. Another great thing is that the training is varied, it’s not just the same old thing week in week out. Overall Maria is a great personal trainer, always friendly, helpful and above all delivers results (if you put the effort in yourself!) I would recommend her to anyone.

Keith O’Brien

After practicing different types of sports for many years, a work out in the gym was never a real focus and I never really knew what I was doing with the weights. Therefore, decided to sought professional advice and I have been having training sessions with Maria for the last 6 months, which have proved to be very beneficial. Not only is Maria reliable, knowledgeable and professional, she is also a good motivator and provides a good structure for each session to meet objectives set. Overall I have definitely noticed a difference in stamina and fitness, which adds to my wellbeing. I appreciate the effort that Maria puts in and recommend anyone to try a session.”


"From the moment I met with Maria I loved her energy; she exudes peace and calmness that puts you at ease. Throughout my nutritional assessment I felt totally at one with her. I love her 360 degree approach to fitness and wellbeing. I also love the fact that she remains available to encourage you throughout your transformation. Truly an inspirational lady. If you are looking to change your lifestyle Maria is the first part of your journey"

Sandra Moore

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