New World Medicine Podcast

The Greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it. 


The New World Medicine Podcast is a captivating journey that blends the ancient wisdom of energy medicine, medicinal healing, meditative breath work, and the profound language of the gods with pioneering scientific technology. It’s a fusion of ideas, techniques, and philosophies from different epochs and realms that challenges conventional thinking.

Are you ready to be intrigued? These podcasts are the result of an intuitive quest to bridge the gap between our ancestral heritage and futuristic concepts often considered otherworldly. So, find a cozy spot, your favourite beverage, and prepare to explore a world that already exists around us: The New World and The New World Medicine.


Episode 1: Unlocking the Akashic Records with Ben Shure

Join us in our inaugural episode as we dive into the mystical realm of the Akashic Records. Learn how we can all access and heal ourselves by understanding our individual journeys through countless lifetimes.

Episode 2: The Medicinal Power of the Maltese Bidni Olive

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of the Maltese Bidni Olive, a true treasure of nature known for its remarkable medicinal and natural healing properties. Our special guest, Dermott from the [Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy](, joins us to unravel the secrets and stories behind this incredible indigenous tree.

Tune in as we venture into the heart of Malta’s olive groves, where tradition and modern science meet to reveal the miraculous properties of the Bidni Olive. You’ll gain insights, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the healing wonders of the natural world.

Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation about the incredible Bidni Olive and its medicinal magic. Join us as we journey through history, culture, and the future of holistic wellness.

Community in Unity

I consider it a true blessing to be part of your journey. As we learn and grow together, we light up our paths and those of others.