Two decades ago, I embarked on a journey into the world of Kinesiology, and little did I know that this path would introduce me to something truly remarkable: the most empowering flower, tree, and plant-based formulas available. This may sound like a bold statement, and it is, but let me assure you, they are extraordinary.

Diana Mossop, the visionary founder of Phytobiophysics, and Anthony Mossop have poured their heart and soul into creating a range of products that have, and continue to, revolutionize the natural world of medicines.

In the near future, I’m excited to share Diana’s remarkable journey with you through a podcast. As you listen, you’ll be inspired, just as I am, by the dedication of Diana and Anthony to make the world a better place through their exceptional work. They invest not only their knowledge but also their hearts, with growing and harvesting in alignment with the full moons. Their remedies are unlike any other I’ve come across, far beyond what other brands offer with their single flower-based formulas. Phytobiophysics products resonate on multiple levels – vibrational, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional, and spiritual, each with its unique significance.

Diana spent many years working internationally and was invited to join an International order of the Knights of Malta. When she accepted this honour she pledged her life to serve mankind, believing that the order of Knighthood was not just an honour but also a responsibility to fulfil one’s life purpose . 

I am truly blessed and honored to affiliate and represent Diana’s mission. One cause close to our hearts is supporting children, from conception throughout their lives, and the Phytobiophysics range does this in a way that sustains us through the commotions and emotions of life, alongside environmental toxins, pollutants, and other damaging chemicals that can enter our systems.

I wholeheartedly recommend the childhood harmony pack, a product I personally took throughout my pregnancy, and supported my son from conception to birth and beyond.

To explore the Phytobiophysics range and its incredible offerings, visit [here](

Diana and Anthony are more than eager to share their profound knowledge with you, and I am equally thrilled to be part of this ongoing journey.

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Elevate Your Brew: The Healthier Choice with Swiss Decaffeinated Mushroom Coffee


Embarking on a journey to discover a healthier alternative to your daily caffeine fix is not just about change; it’s about a transformative experience. Join me as we explore the benefits of embracing Swiss decaffeinated coffee infused with mushrooms, shedding light on the superior Swiss decaffeination process and the importance of mycotoxin-free assurance. Plus, I’m thrilled to share my newfound affiliation with Lean Caffeine, pioneers in this ground breaking fusion.

1. Swiss Decaffeinated Coffee:

a. Reduced Caffeine Intake:

The Swiss Water Decaffeination process is an industry gold standard, ensuring minimal caffeine content while preserving the rich flavours of coffee. This makes Swiss decaffeinated coffee an ideal choice for those seeking a flavourful cup without the jitters.

b. Lower Acidity:

Swiss decaffeinated coffee is renowned for its lower acidity, offering a smoother, gentler coffee experience. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with acid sensitivity, promoting digestive comfort without compromising on taste.

c. Mycotoxin-Free Assurance:

Swiss decaffeinated coffee from Lean Caffeine is lab-verified for purity, ensuring it is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. This commitment to mycotoxin-free coffee provides an added layer of safety and quality assurance.

2. Mushroom Infusion:

a. Enhanced Nutritional Profile:

Lean Caffeine’s blend incorporates mushrooms known for their nutritional benefits, adding a layer of goodness to your daily cup. Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Agaricus Blazei contribute to overall well-being.

b. Adaptogenic Properties:

The adaptogenic properties of these mushrooms help the body adapt to stress, providing a holistic approach to health. Lean Caffeine’s blend goes beyond the ordinary, offering a beverage that supports balance and resilience.

c. Potential Health Boosts:

Each mushroom in the blend brings its unique set of potential health benefits. From cognitive support to immune system enhancement, Lean Caffeine’s infusion elevates your coffee experience to a new level of wellness.

3. Why Lean Caffeine: My Affiliation with the Pioneers:

I am excited to announce my new affiliation with Lean Caffeine, the trailblazers in the fusion of Swiss decaffeinated coffee and mushrooms. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to providing a healthier, more mindful coffee experience.

Lean Caffeine’s Swiss Water Decaf is not just a coffee; it’s a lifestyle choice. The meticulous attention to quality, mycotoxin-free assurance, and the infusion of beneficial mushrooms align with my dedication to promoting well-being.

By joining forces with Lean Caffeine, I aim to bring you a unique and transformative coffee experience. Stay tuned for exclusive insights, offers, and a deeper exploration of the health advantages of this dynamic duo.

4. Swiss Water Decaffeination vs. Carcinogenic Methods: A Healthier Approach

Swiss Water Decaffeination: A Healthier Approach

The Swiss Water Decaffeination process is a pioneering and health-conscious method of extracting caffeine from coffee beans. It involves soaking green coffee beans in pure water, dissolving caffeine, and using activated carbon filtration to selectively remove caffeine while retaining flavour.

Contrast with Carcinogenic Methods:

In contrast, traditional methods may use potentially carcinogenic solvents like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. These methods involve direct exposure of beans to chemicals, raising health concerns about the safety of the final product.

Health Implications:

Swiss Water Decaffeination ensures a caffeine-free and mycotoxin-free coffee, preserving the flavor without compromising safety. In contrast, the use of carcinogenic solvents in traditional methods poses potential health risks.


Elevate your brew with Swiss decaffeinated mushroom coffee from Lean Caffeine—a choice that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the superior Swiss decaffeination process, revel in the mycotoxin-free assurance, and experience a new era of wellness in every sip. Together, let’s embark on this journey towards a healthier, more mindful cup of coffee. Cheers to the power of transformation!

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