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Did You Know That Every Time You Speak or Think You Cast a Spell?

Now, this might sound like witchy fantasy talk, but in truth, it’s not, and here’s why. Welcome to the world of Etymology, where the true meaning of words and the frequency behind the words you are spelling out—casting out into the ethers—truly do have an impact on your own energy frequency and the energy of those who encounter you.

What is Etymology?

Etymology is the study of the origin of words and how their meanings have evolved over time. It reveals the roots of our language and helps us understand the true power and frequency of the words we use daily.

Exploring the True Meanings of Common Words

Here are some words that seem innocent but have deeper meanings according to etymology:


Etymology: Derived from Old English “forgiefan,” meaning to give up or permit. Forgiveness is about releasing the hold on negative feelings and allowing space for healing.


Etymology: From Old English “heofon,” meaning sky or firmament. Heaven is not just a physical place but a state of being, symbolizing the highest state of consciousness and bliss.


Etymology: From Old English “wicce” or “wicca,” meaning wise person or one who practices wisdom and knowledge of natural and spiritual laws. The term “witch” originally referred to someone with profound knowledge and power.


Etymology: From Latin “confidere,” meaning to have full trust. Confidence is about having complete trust and faith in oneself and one’s abilities.

The Power of Words

Our language is rich with history and meaning. By understanding the true origins and vibrations of the words we use, we can tap into their inherent power and transform our communication and thoughts. This awareness can enhance our energy and positively influence those around us.

Dive Deeper into Etymology

To explore the beauty and depth of language, check out these resources:



  1. “The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language” by Mark Forsyth – A fascinating journey through the hidden connections of the English language.
  1. “Word Origins…And How We Know Them: Etymology for Everyone” by Anatoly Liberman – An accessible guide to understanding the origins and evolutions of words.
  1. “The Secret Life of Words: How English Became English” by Henry Hitchings – A comprehensive exploration of how the English language has changed over time.


  1. [Etymonline](**  – An online etymology dictionary that provides detailed word histories and origins.
  1. [Wordnik](** – A platform that not only gives definitions but also traces the etymology and usage of words.
  2. [Etymology Explorer](** – An interactive app that helps you explore word origins and connections visually.


Understanding the true meaning of words through etymology can be enlightening and empowering. It shows us that our language and the words we choose to speak and think have profound impacts on our lives and the world around us.

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