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Unveiling Kundalini Yoga: My Personal Awakening

“I teach people self healing techniques for mental, emotional and physical transformation”

My Transformational Journey into Kundalini Yoga: From Shadows to Light

Every shadow in our lives plays a profound role in revealing the light within us. It’s this journey from shadows to light that defines my exploration of Kundalini Yoga.

My story, like many others, has its share of darkness. At the tender age of 10, I bore the weight of sexual abuse, an experience that left deep emotional scars. As I grew older, I unknowingly allowed this trauma to shape my life, often finding myself in abusive relationships. I constructed a protective shield, projecting an image I believed the world expected. Little did I know that this armor was inadvertently inviting more pain into my life.

Perhaps you’ve encountered your own moments of self-doubt, wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” It’s a painful whirlwind that can engulf even the most sensitive souls.

This cycle persisted for years, casting a long shadow over my life and manifesting as anxiety and depression. My health began to deteriorate, and it wasn’t until modern science started revealing the intricate connections between our body’s subtle energies – the chakras and meridians – that I began to comprehend the toll this was taking on my body. My medical file resembled a novel.

I’ll never forget my doctor’s words: “Maria, I think you could be depressed.” But it wasn’t just depression; I was drowning in a sea of despair and feeling profoundly misunderstood.

Yet, through the depths of despair, a spark of hope emerged. It was a potent blend of frustration and anger that lit a fire within me. These emotions, often labeled as negative, became my catalyst for change. At 21, I dipped my toes into the waters of holistic medicine, and by 23, I stumbled upon kinesiology. I discovered that my health was my responsibility, setting me on a path toward becoming a practitioner in classical kinesiology. But it took me years to realize that healing is an individual journey that unfolds at its own pace.

My quest for healing expanded to encompass personal training, nutrition, movement, sound therapy, and color therapy. Yet, the cycle of fatigue, illness, and recurring relationship patterns persisted. It was five long years after my last course that Kundalini Yoga made its entrance.

Kundalini Yoga burst into my life like a revelation, and I couldn’t ignore its call. I was far from a Yogi; I was a meat-eating, paleo diet enthusiast with a warrior demeanor. Yet, the pull of Kundalini Yoga was undeniable, a gut instinct that resonated deep within me. Scientifically, we now understand that we possess not just one, but three brains. That feeling (the gut) was one of them speaking to me.

I embarked on a Kundalini Yoga journey, and the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Headaches, migraines, constipation, and emotional turmoil melted away, replaced by a profound sense of calm and clarity. I, who had always been anxious and hyper, learned to balance practical logic with intuition. I found joy in maintaining a disciplined practice, and I’ve come to realize that joy is our natural state.

Kundalini Yoga became my daily toolbox, replacing frustration with empowerment. I left behind the need to battle my body in the gym, using my frustration to train my mind instead of my body. My analytical brain transformed from a harsh critic into a supportive ally.

I’m here not to judge but to embrace the truth of my identity, “satnam,” which translates to “truth is my identity.” This truth guides my journey, and it’s why you will hear me greet and part with this phrase.

So, what does Kundalini Yoga mean? At its core, yoga means union, and Kundalini Yoga is the “yoga of awareness.” It encompasses movement, postures, breathing techniques, symbolic hand positions, meditation, and mantra. These elements combine into a potent practice, stimulating physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual levels of our being.

In Kundalini Yoga, our focus is on moving energy from the base of the pelvis to the crown, awakening the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting calmness and balance. Each Kundalini Kriya, or full practice, targets different aspects of the body and affects our blood chemistry, creating synergy within our energy in motion.

Many describe Kundalini awakenings, a release of blocked energy in the body’s meridians and nodes, affecting our chakras and electromagnetic field. It’s not mystical; it’s scientific.

Think of it as unclogging a sink. Emotions, like water, need to flow; blocking them disrupts our physical, chemical, and emotional balance. Emotions are messengers, and we all deserve to nurture and use our energy to be heard and seen with love, not shame.

As for the origins of Kundalini Yoga, it’s a timeless practice with roots lost in the annals of history. It’s been called by different names and believed to have been practiced in various ancient civilizations. Historical records suggest it dates back to 1000-500 BC, emphasizing its role in energy and spiritual philosophy.

For those eager to delve deeper into the history of Kundalini Yoga, I recommend reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. It’s a game-changer for any yogi.

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