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What is Classical Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the scientific study of the human body. 

Classical Kinesiology integrates the philosophies of Chinese medicine and modern-day science.  Much like acupuncture Classical Kinesiology works with the meridians in the body. An acupuncturist uses needles on acupuncture points of the meridians to channel energy into an organ or function of the body that either needs energising or sedation.

Kinesiologists use muscle testing on specific meridians as a diagnostic tool to identify physical, chemical nutritional, and emotional imbalances.  I use several modalities which include test vials, tuning forks, coloured silks, supplementation, massage, and stimulation for structural alignment and reiki as just part of my toolbox.

An analogy could be to imagine your body as a circuit board with many circuits that are energy channels, Events can happen in life that disrupts your energy.  Perhaps an argument with your partner, work colleague or family member.  You may eat, drink, or take something that has an impact on the chemical / nutritional balance of your body.  You might have a minor bump in the car that causes you to have whiplash…either way energy can be disputed and there is always an emotional, chemical nutritional component, and physical reaction to each one of these scenarios.

An argument with a partner over food will cause an inability to digest and assimilate the nutrients from your food.  Long-term stress in your life caused by financial concerns and instability can cause structural back imbalances, especially in the lower spinal region.

Re-occurring in-growing toenails in your big toe can relate to an imbalance in the large intestine which is associated with constipation, or a colon-related symptom.  The large intestine from an emotional perspective is all about how you literally handle your shit in life!  So, if you are someone who gets constipated this could be associated with holding onto your emotions, and if you go all the time this could be associated with not being in control of your emotions…

So, to conclude your body tells all, and it is truly remarkable.  As I always tell people in Kundalini Yoga also, the truth lies within.

What I include in my kinesiology sessions:

Each body is different; your body tells me what it needs.

But as part of the support modalities, I use and offer the following:

  • Test Vials to get to the root cause of ailments.

  • Supplementation testing to work out whether you have any deficiencies, and to test what you may be taking is supporting you

  • Physical balances

  • NLP

  • Colour silk therapy

  • Sound acupuncture

  • Chakra balancing

  • Auric field repair

  • Past life regression

  • Trauma release

  • Phytobiophysics for emotional, spiritual, nutritional, and physical health

“Kinesiology was my turning point as a teenager and young adult who suffered from poor health. Severe acne, hair loss, chronic fatigue, glandular fever, gynaecological issues, kidney problems, hip issues, and many other ailments plagued me. Kinesiology gave me the tools to not only take responsibility for my own health but then have the passion to motivate myself to be a practitioner and share my knowledge with you.”